At HC Medical, the team take the time to really get to know every single client. They listen to your wants and needs but also factor in your genetics and lifestyle factors to design a treatment plan that is going to give you the best possible results.

HC Medical understands the need for specificity and tailoring treatments to suit each client. The extensive experience of the HC Medical team means they make the right decisions in creating results that look natural and leave clients looking their absolute best. 

The team provide a warm and welcoming environment where they help clients reach their beauty and aesthetic desires. HC Medical use only the best products on the market and provide impeccable service. All of the staff at HC Medical are extensively trained, fully qualified and incredibly passionate in giving clients the confidence they're looking for.

Leaders in facial artistry

Code Of Conduct

All of our staff at H|C Medical are very much aware they are privileged to be in a position of trust, which we take very seriously. We all adhere to our medical code of conduct, along with our governing bodies. Our passion and professionalism is second to non which is why we are trusted by many. 
All client treatments are held in the strictest of confidence.

The clinic is purposely positioned in a discrete location with parking out side the front door. This allows our clients to come and go discretely. We all want to look our best, full consultations are paramount to ensure we can achieve on the syringe what your desired outcome is. We are not looking to change anyone, we specialise in facial artistry and volume replacement. We are not just another lip clinic on the Gold Coast.

Our clients whether high profile or not all receive the same first class treatment. We do not compete on price, service or treatment. Our pricing is all inclusive of any extras needed to give you the best care and experience. We do not charge extra for cannulas, gel anaesthetics or dental blocks. We do not offer special low prices to entice you to our services and then up sell you to a different product.

We will only use products which are most suited to your anatomy and desired out come. All treatments are supervised by our prescribing doctor, who regularly works within the clinic and uses our facilities for training purposes.