Why Skin Is Surging

Healthy and radiant skin is in in 2021

2020 saw the rise of skincare as endless hours working from home, hours spent video conferencing, and more makeup free days, highlighted skin concerns like pigmentation and wrinkles that we hadn't been aware of before.

This resulted in a shift away from covering up our imperfections with makeup, towards working to correct them with quality technology treatments and injectables to create long-lasting, glowing skin that helps us to radiate confidence with or without makeup. 

From pigmentation blasting laser treatments, to collagen stimulating injectables and double chin skin-tightening technology, here are just a few of our most popular treatments in 2020 that we expect will only grow in 2021. 

Technology facials 
Gone are the days of fluffy facial treatments that feel nice but don’t produce long-lasting results. 2021 is all about high-tech facial treatments like HydraFacial MD™, a medical-grade resurfacing treatment that uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate. It works to clear out pores, reduce inflammation, improve signs of ageing, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase firmness, and even tone, texture, and brown spots for a clearer, healthier and more vibrant complexion. 

Lasers and IPL 
Laser and IPL are your best friends when it comes to treating pigmentation. A skilled clinician can help you select the right one for you, depending on the area and type of pigmentation that needs treating. IPL (or Intense Pulsed Light) is a broadband pulsed light source that can target a widespread area of pigmentation, such as the face, decolletage and hands; whereas laser is a monochromatic coherent light source that’s better suited to pigmentation that is isolated to just a few small spots as it is much more targeted. Both extremely effective, they’ll help you banish those dark spots that give away your age. 

A term used to categorise an innovative range of injectable treatments that stimulate and accelerate new collagen production, biostimulators are popular for lifting, tightening and plumping the skin for a more youthful complexion. They work to target the collagen rich layers of the skin to provide a long-term plumping of the skin and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Combined with high-quality at-home active skincare including powerful ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, these treatments will help you to look and feel your confident best in 2021.  

Start your journey to beautiful, healthy skin today by booking a consultation with one of our experts. They’ll work with you to analyse your skin, discuss your goals and develop a personalised treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.