The ageing process presents us with a variety of issues concerning appearance, the loss of collagen and elastin in our skin causes the face to become more pale, lined and drawn which ultimately can result in tired looking frown lines.

With treatment to the upper, mid and lower sections of the face with non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants, we will be able to disperse of those frown lines and produce a youthful and fresh look for you.

An example of the amazing effects of this treatment can be seen in the before and after photos above. This and other cosmetic treatments are available by Hannah Cashmore and her team at the clinic in Robina on the Gold Coast.

Hannah explained what was involved in treating her client. “I have treated specific areas which were causing concern, using products such as dermal fillers in the cheeks and lips to restore volume and plumpness, and muscle relaxants on the crow’s feet and frown lines to soften wrinkles”.

Hannah went on to say “My beautiful client is beyond happy with her new and improved, happier, rejuvenated self, showing that with just a few simple non-invasive procedures, we can help restore what once was”.

Hannah and her team can help you achieve that natural look.

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