Treat yourself to a Lip Enhancement on the Gold Coast.

The majority of people considering having non-surgical treatment fear two things, the pain and not looking natural. Our team at Robina on the Gold Coast aim to remove this fear of the unknown from these treatments. We reassure you that you will look natural after your treatment.

We use dermal fillers to replace and enhance volume, thus restoring and maintaining that youthful look. Anaesthetic gel is used in the treatment making it a comfortable experience as displayed in the video. There is also an option to use dental block although it is rarely needed. For those that are terrified of needles, we are pleased to inform you that we have now got the option of providing laughing gas in the clinic.

Our clinic is dedicated to removing that scary element and when you have your lip enhancement in Robina you will be completely satisfied with the final results.

The photos displayed above are taken one month after lip treatment.