Back in the 90s, cosmetic surgery and injectables were largely frowned upon. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would admit to undergoing procedures.

Times have significantly changed since then and now it’s the norm. Most people say they’d consider having a procedure if they haven’t already had one.

It has been normalised by celebrities who undergo procedures such as liposuction, dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injections. Basically, the industry is now widely accepted and that has led to substantial growth.

As a result of growth, we’ve found ourselves inundated with new and existing customers coming in to have treatments for a little freshen up.

I’ve been operating on the Gold Coast for the last six years and due to demand, I’m moving to a new premises in December. The customer demand has just been absolutely incredible.

Of course, due to increased demand, I’ve taken on four new staff members. I have a team I am very proud of, I wanted the best in the business and I believe I have achieved that!! #powerteam

All of the new girls are incredibly experienced and have the knowledge to have you looking fantastic and feeling confident for Summer.

Due to that expansion with new staff, we’re moving to some new premises which are incredibly exciting. This week we took ownership of the keys and will be moving into the new location in December. It’s within the same complex, so it will be extremely convenient and minimal disruption to my loyal clients

The even better news is that because we have more staff we’ll be increasing the number of treatments that we can offer you to you. Of course, we’ll still be offering our most popular treatments – the Dermal fillers, and other facial treatments.

I love working with such an amazing group of people and providing services for customers that leaves them feeling truly fantastic and invigorated.

We can’t wait to see you at our brand new clinic.


We’ve also got a new YouTube channel up and running where you can check out our first ever animated video.