Hannah recently attended a high profile training seminar in Sydney. This was an advanced training session for Doctors and a select few Nurses across Australia, with only approximately 25 attendees.

Leading the training sessions was Dr Jody Comstock a leading Dermatologist from the USA. Dr Comstock is a visionary physician, an internationally recognised speaker and a trainer who instructs other health care professionals in the delivery techniques of neuromodulators and soft tissue fillers, in addition to the use of skin care products, lasers and devices. As a consultant, her opinion is widely sought by industry leaders.

Hannah was excited to have the amazing opportunity to meet and train with Dr Comstock. Hannah said: “This was such a fantastic seminar and I really enjoyed the training sessions”.

Hannah went on to say: “I would like to share the fact that self-esteem and confidence is a higher priority than beauty for most clients and this is evident with my own clients who have shown significant increases in confidence after their treatment”.

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