Want to live better, feel better and look better, if you live in the Gold Coast area and require cosmetic beauty treatment pop in to Hannah Cashmore and expect to be offered a warm welcome. The team offer a vast knowledge and experience within the cosmetic beauty industry which will help you reach all of your beauty and aesthetic desires.

We are also proud to stock a variety of superior quality products on the market. Every product we offer is amazing in it’s own right and we truly believe that some products offer greater benefits when coupled with specific cosmetic treatments. 

We offer a service which is personal and we understand the diversity in our clients and believe in the importance of working closely to establish which particular treatments will be most beneficial based upon your specific needs, genetics and lifestyle. By stocking a wide range of products we can truly offer you, the client the product or treatment that is suited to your own individual needs.

We offer an extensive range of treatments including Wrinkle Relaxing, Dermal Fillers, Migraine Treatments, Lip and Cheek Enhancements, Teeth Grinding, Excessive Sweating Treatments, Collagen Stimulator, Skin Boosters, Crows Feet, Frown and Forehead Lines, Obagi Skin Care, TMJ Relief and Poni Cosmetic Products.

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