Are you getting confused with unit prices and branding of wrinkle relaxing treatments????

There are 3 different brands here in Australia, American, British and German.

Is one cheaper or less effective than the other?

Despite the unit prices being different, there isn’t actually much difference in the overall end price for the consumer. The duration of any of the above vary and is all down to the correct dose being administered, just like any other prescription medication.

Would you only take one paracetamol, when the recommended dose is two?

Duration of any wrinkle relaxing treatment is base on two things, movement with in the muscle and dose of units injected. Just like taking one paracetamol, having half the recommended dose of wrinkle relaxing medication is the same principle.

What is a unit & does it really matter to the consumer?

Going back to paracetamol for example, we take 2 tablets as recommended, the same for ibuprofen, 2 tablets. Is the dose the same? No. The volume is the same 2 tablets, but the dose for paracetamol is 1000mg or 1g and ibuprofen is 400mg.

Apply this to the calculation of different units for wrinkle relaxing brands.

After chatting with lots of clients I have discovered the 2 most important things clients would like to know are:

1) Does it work/will I get the desired results?
2) How much will the total treatment cost me?