What is FACTOR 4?

FACTOR 4 is an anti-aging serum which is taken from your own blood. This means it is totally Autologous (obtained from the same individual) and is not dilute with any other liquids or enzymes. Aging is the shutting down of your body’s ability to repair itself, FACTOR 4 gets those mechanisms going again, giving you glowing skin.

FACTOR 4 serum contains 4-10 times more growth factors and cytokines than fresh blood and can be used in skincare to treat fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, dark circles and stretch marks giving a more youthful complexion.

How is FACTOR 4 serum made?

A sample of your blood is taken, this is a quick, painless procedure carried out by one of our registered nurses here at H|C Medical. The blood is then put into an incubator for 6-9hrs. During this incubation period all of the cytokines and growth factors are secreted into the serum. There is then a filtration process which removes all bacteria, platelets and cellular matter that we do not want to put back into the skin. We are then left with the ‘liquid gold’ serum. There is enough serum to be used over 4 separate treatments, 1 week apart.

How is the FACTOR 4 serum infused back into the skin?

Here at HC Medical we use a skin needling device called the MDerma. This is a pen with 12 tiny needles inserted into it. These needles can be penetrated into the skin at different speeds and depths depending on the area and reason for treatment. We massage the serum into the skin and then use the MDerma to penetrate the serum to a deeper level in the skin. Your body will naturally accept the serum because it contains your own growth factors, just in a much more concentrated state. Prior to the needling we apply a numbing cream to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

What are the Benefits?
The combination of the FACTOR 4 serum and the trauma to the skin from the skin needling stimulates the body to produce more collagen which in turn improves skin elasticity. FACTOR 4 slows down the aging process and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It can also treat scarring and reduces pore size. You will see improvements to the skin 2-3 weeks after the first treatment, once you have completed all four treatments you will have the best skin you have had in years!