3 Steps To Healthy Winter Skin

Winter is right around the corner which means cooler, dryer air that can wreak havoc on our skin.  

Many clients battle with dry and flaking skin in the colder months as well as a general feeling of tightness due to a lack of moisture in the air. Quite often, they’re also battling pigmentation and sun damage from the warmer summer months. All of this can greatly impact skin tone and texture. 

You can beat the winter skincare blues with our top 3 tips for achieving a healthier and brighter complexion: 



Winter is the perfect time to invest in a series of four or more Clear + Brilliant treatments that can significantly resurface and rejuvenate your skin. Plus, boost the results of your laser treatments with LED Light Therapy. A relaxing and restorative treatment, LED Light Therapy speeds up the body’s healing process and improves hydration levels, a must have in winter! LED treatment also works to relieve pain, subside active acne and promote skin rejuvenation.    



If you struggle to keep your skin hydrated during winter, then a treatment such as our Skin Boosters is the perfect solution for you. Skin Boosters are micro injections of hydrating filler that are injected into the top layer of your skin known as the epidermis, rather than the deeper dermis layer of your skin like traditional dermal filler treatments. They work to reintroduce hyaluronic acid which promotes new collagen and elastin formation and brings deep hydration. Lasting up to six months, Skin Boosters will keep your skin looking smooth, plump and glowing despite the cold, dry air.  



One of the biggest mistakes we see our clients make in winter, is skipping their SPF sunscreen. The sun is just as damaging to your skin in the cooler months as it is in the warmer ones. And don’t think because you’re not spending as much time outdoors, you’re not exposed. UV rays can penetrate through windows and through clouds, damaging your skin and causing pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles to appear, not to mention heightening your risk of skin cancers. So, don’t forget to use your SPF every day, no matter what! 

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